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Camargues, Les Saintes Maries de la Mer, Jul / Aug 2015

Camargues, Atrium Hotel , Arles, Jul / Oct 2015

Enganes People, Sainte-Anne Chapel, Arles, Sep. 2014

Black and white dreams II, Association house, Arles, Aug. 2014

Bolero, in partnership with the FEPN, Arles, May 2014

The Beach, Sainte-Anne Chapel, Arles, Dec. 2013

Guest of honor at the Photographic Festival, Saint-Mitre Les Remparts, Nov. 2013

Artists' biannual event, Fourques, Oct. 2013

Fugitives Souls, Aurons, Sep. 2013
3th Artistic Encounters of the Coquet Gallery, Vernegues, Aug. 2013

Fragments of a Back of beyond, Association house, Arles, Jul. 2013

Evanescences, in partnership with the FEPN, Arles, May. 2013

Camargues, Sainte-Anne Chapel, Arles, Nov. 2012

Camargues, Coquet Gallery, Vernegues, Aug. 2012

Earth and waters Alchemy, Association house, Arles, Jul. 2012

Black and white dreams, Annual Convention of the Bull Races French Federation, Vauvert, Mar. 2012
Black and white dreams, Bull races film festival, Saint-Genies-de-Malgoires, Feb. 2012

Black and white dreams, 500th anniversary of the Camargue Herdsmen Brotherhood, Arles, Jan. 2012

Camargues, Minorque Residence, Toulon, Dec. 2011

Artists' biannual event , Fourques, Oct. 2011




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